Please bring gifts to the Salvation Army, 541 NE DeKalb, or drop them off at the Hilton Garden Inn, by 5PM on Dec. 18th--thank you!

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Kiddos who still need presents

Note: If the number to the left of the hyphen is the same, the children are in the same family.

Select Child    Child's Tag #    Child's Name    Age    Gifts requested

AT230529-3Everly4Jacket/coat purple size 4T, winter clothes size 4-5T, she likes frozen big dolls or kitchen
AT230528-1Zander9All winter gear size Large and pants 10, pokemon, play with xbox, football soccer, snow boots size 5-6
AT230528-2Lilyanne6Disney all princess, she likes to dance, sing, sports, all winter gear shoes size 4-5,
AT230528-3Judah4All winter gear, he likes to play with cars and read shoes size 12T
AT230527-1Aliksawn1 monthBaby blue stuff, clothing size 3-6 months, blankets, warm stuff
AT230527-2Marcal1 monthGreen/beige clothes, Baby stuff, baby blankets
AT230526-2Jason10Pokemon, Soccer, basketball, Socks, underwear size 12 kids, winter clothes size 12 and shoes size 5boys
AT230525-1Leland14Cozy Blanket/Pillow, Outdoor items, he likes Science, Minecraft, Clothes size XL Shoes size 9
AT230525-2Keaton10He Needs Clothes size 14, shoes size 5, he likes football, sports, RC cars, basketball
AT230525-3Evelyn9 monthsMinnie mouse toys, clothes size 12/18 months, toys for walking, life vest.
AT230524-1Tatianna10Squishmallows, arts/crafts, She likes hiking, winter boots size 3, Beanies, Kacket size 10/12 gloves.
AT230523-1Jayceon4He needs shoes size 11-12 kids, winter clothes size 5-6, socks. He likes Hotwheels, Bluey, basketball, monster trucks.
AT230522-1Wendy10Needs tennis shoes size 6, jacket size 16-18, she likes Moana dolls, she would love a bike size 18
AT230522-2Bessi8She needs tennis shoes size 4, jacket size 12/14, socks, clothes size 12/14, she likes Stitch doll and stuff, she enjoy playing basketball
AT230522-3Fredy17He needs winter clothes, size medium adult, pants are 32, he likes to play soccer ball, or gift card
AT230521-1Marian13She needs clothing for winter, hoodies size small, tennis shoes or boots size 5 she enjoys movies, ticket movies and building legos
AT230521-2Russ15He needs snow boots size 8, jacket size small adult, he likes star wars legos or airplains.
AT230521-3Daria17Winter clothes size medium adult, snow board to learn, he enjoy outside activities, like camping etc. or gift card
AT230520-1Emma10Winter clothes size XL, pants 16, shoes size 6, hygiene items, face wash, she likes to pet cats, read, she likes drawing color pencils and paper.
AT230519-1Nancy16Needs hair stuff-straightener, jacket size medium, tennis shoes size 7, makeup, she likes arts and crafts
AT230519-2Virgini13Needs jacket size Small/medium, tennis shoes size 6, she likes making bracelets and painting, hair stuff
AT230519-3Josec2He needs Winter clothes size 4, shoes/boots size 8, he likes police cars and trucks
AT230519-4Anah6Needs winter clothes size 6-8, tennis shoes size 13, she likes dolls and wished a kitchen set with dishes
AT230518-1Angel12He needs winter clothes jacket size small in mens size, tennis shoes size 8, he likes Legos
AT230518-2Kimberly10She needs jacket size small women size, tennis shoes size 4, she likes Art and Crafts
AT230518-3Ana9 monthsBaby toys, wipes/diapers size 2-3, winter clothes size 12 to 18 months
AT230516-1Beatrice6She likes Gaby Cat and Bluey. She loves to draw and coloring, read, she likes legos, needs, jacket size 7/8 and boots size 2
AT230516-2Atticus3He likes spiderman, dinosaurs, cars building things, he needs jacket size 3-4 and winter clothes
AT230515-1Levi15He needs a bike 24 to 26 He likes also theater acting and he plays piano
AT230515-2Sasha14She needs a bike 24 and she likes to play guitar
AT230529-1Izabella10Blue coat, size 10/12, own hygiene (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner), she likes Disney characters any kind, crafts/jewelery. shoes size 5, clothes size 12/14
AT230529-2Ariyah7Pink coat, big dolls, winter pants size 7/8, any winter clothes, warm socks